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semi automated Spotter SES-3202
SES Model 3202 Spotter for TLC/FID techniques is a precision instrument specially developed for applying sample solutions onto the sintered silica gel surface of a Chromarod. The smaller and more concentrated the sample spot, so better the resolution obtained after development of the Chromarod in a Development Tank DT-150 (3201). The reproducibility of quantitative and qualitative analyses with the IATROSCAN is closely related to the accurate application of a known quantity of sample onto the surface of a Chromarod in the form of a micro spot. With the "Autospotter" it is possible to apply between 0.020 and 10 micro liters of sample solution. The spotting is electronically controlled through a small external microprocessor module, with a precision of better than 0.5 %.
Our Hydrogen Generators are a tried and trusted alternative to high pressure gas cylinders.
Developed exclusively for the IATROSCAN, is a thin layer in the form of thin layer in the form of thin quartz rod evenly applied and sintered inorganic binder and absorbent on it.
After the sample is spotted on the Chromarods with the NTS Touchscreen Autospotter, the Chromarods are placed in the Development tank for separation by solvent mixtures.
The oven is used to dry rods before applying samples and to evaporate the mobile phase from the rods after development before scanning. This accessory is highly recommended for correct results.
With our Chromarod Viewer you will be able to evaluate the right timing for the development of the Chromarods in the mobile phase of the analysis.
Full automated Spotter SES-4500
We would like to ask your attention for our full-automated spotter MODEL SES A 4500. As a user of our IATROSCAN, you sure would like an improvement of sample spotting . In the Analysis people aim at automation as much as possible. The targets are time saving, accuracy and the elimination of operating errors. This Spotter type makes the sample spotting on Chromarods fully automatic. The new Spotter reduces the time and work for spotting to the programming of the spotting methods and putting the solvent and sample vials into the associated racks respectively. The spotting is made all automatic. The user can do other important jobs during this time. The Spotter makes the programmed sample spots unattended on its own and generates an acoustic signal when spotting is finished.