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The analysis of high boiling organic substances may cause Problems in many cases. The IATROSCAN MK-7s offers with the combination of thin layer Chromatography and FID (MK-7 additional with FPD) interesting perspectives. The MK-7 with the Flame Photometry Detector makes it possible to Analyze also Phosphorus and Sulphur. The TLC / FID ( -FPD ) Analytical System IATROSCAN MK-7(s) can be used in many different application fields like Plant Breeding, Forestry, Fishery, Crude oil and carbon industry, carbon products, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, environmental pollution, food industry and so on. The advantages of the IATROSCAN System are: - it is possible to work with up to 10 Chromarods at the same time, - many application fields, - the Chromarods are reusable up to 100 times, - 20-30 minutes analyzing time (depending on method) .
TLC FID /FPD Analyser