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I-3202 semi automated Spotter
SES Model 3202 Spotter for TLC/FID techniques is a precision instrument specially developed for applying sample solutions onto the sintered silica gel surface of a Chromarod. The smaller and more concentrated the sample spot, the better the resolution obtained after development of the Chromarod in a TLC chamber (3201). The reproducibility of quantitative and qualitative analyses with the IATROSCAN is closely related to the accurate application of a known quantity of sample onto the surface of a Chromarod in the form of a micro spot. With the "Autospotter" it is possible to apply between 0.020 and 10 micro liters of sample solution. The spotting is electronically controlled through a small external microprocessor module, with a precision of better than 0.5 %.
Chromarod Dryer
Chromarod Dryer eco Our smalest Rod Dryer, take just 31x 26 x 39 cm on your table. He have space for 2 Chromarods Holder and can be heat up from 50-200°C. He is only available with 220-240V.
Chromarod Dryer C8 Our Chromarods Dryer Oven C8 ist specialy designed for customers who wants to dry a lot numbers of Chromarods in the same time. He can hold up to 8 Rod Holders in once. He works with usual Heating and with additional infrared heating. They need space of 47x40x32 cm on your table. He is only available with 220-240V.
Chromarod Dryer ED23 Our Chromarods Dryer Oven Ed23 is the standard Dryer. He have a very good quality , is eays to use and can hold up to 6 Chromarod Holders in once. They need space of 50 x 45 x 55 cm on your table. He is availablewith 110-125V and 220-240V.
Chromarods and Chromarod Holders
The CHROMAROD, developed exclusively for the IATROSCAN, is a thin layer in the form of thin quarz rod evenly applied and sintered inorganic binder and ad- sorbent on it. Usually the cleaning and activation of CHROMARODS can be used repeatedly. The CHROMARODS give excellent separability of components and exhibit stable reproducibility. Special types of thin-layers, such as those suitable for seperating triglycerides in accor- dance with their unsaturation degrees or glyceride isomers, can be easily prepared simply by immersing the rods in silver nitrate or boric acid solution respectively.
Helpfull Accessories
CHROMARODS S-V Standard Mixtures for Lipids 8001 Standard Mixtures for Heavy Oil 8011 Development Tank DT-150 Filter Paper for Development Tank CHROMAROD Storage Chamber CHROMAROD Holder CHROMAROD Viewer Panel CHROMAROD Dryer eco IATROSCAN recharable Ignitor